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Since the great Mayan civilization reigned in grand splendor, surely Guatemala has yet to see an event with such amazing leadership, energy and passion as was seen in Zrii's 10th Leadership Academy.

In beautiful Guatemala City, the luxurious Hotel Berceló witnessed for three days the incredible enthusiasm of leaders that came in from different countries such as Peru, Colombia, Mexico and others.

Day one, June 18th, Vice President of Latin American Sales, Ricardo Sousa, with his unmatched charisma opened this grand event. This gave way to training sessions with four beloved and respected leaders in the Zrii family. 9-Star Alma Jaramillo kicked it off, followed by 9-Star Paola Torres and 10-Star Salvatori Conforti, and closing with an inspiring training on connecting with others was 10-Star Alejandra Flores.

But the day didn't end there. President of Zrii A.K. Khalil took the existing energy and kicked it up a billion notches as he came on to the scene. One by one he called to the stage each 10-Star executive, along with the first ever Ruby, to accompany him in the launch of a long awaited new product with the potential to change this company forever, but not without first introducing the CEO and founder of Zrii, Mr. Bill Farley; an seasoned leader with a great vision to take prosperity to many, many families throughout the world.

Finally, with everyone present, Bill Farley placed the last piece of the puzzle and unveiled this exciting product and new member of the incredible Zrii line, Zrii Rise™ coffee. This is truly the most unique product on the market, boasting both a Chopra Center endorsement and certification of Rainforest Alliance, this amalaki-infused coffee will allow all IEs to take their businesses to new heights never before imagined.

Day two in Guatemala began with a beautiful sunrise, the emotion of those living this experience was so great it was almost palpable, and the only place to go from there was up. The group feasted on a day-long banquet of trainings by our fantastic 10-Star executives Natalia Bernal, Mony Farrach, Blanca Mejía, Nicola Palacios, Juan Fernando Mendoza and Mauricio Sotelo as they shared the experiences, trials, knowledge and strategies that have allowed them to achieve extraordinary results. And as an extra delicious treat, the group also learned of the amazing properties that make Zrii Rise™ coffee so unique in a presentation given by Dr. Tom Yarema, member of Zrii's Scientific Advisory Board.

After two unforgettable days, the third and last day of the 10th Leadership Academy did not disappoint. The day began with even more trainings by our global leaders in this industry. 10-Star executives José Joaquín Díaz from Guatemala, Pedro Castre from Peru, and Daniel Chagüi from Costa Rica wowed the audience with their trainings on network marketing, while at the same time setting the foundation for Zrii's first ever Ruby, Diego Gutiérrez from Colombia. With his impressive accomplishments, coupled with his dignity and humility, Diego left an unforgettable impact as he shared his knowledge and experiences.

Coming to a close, this grand event was without a doubt a huge success, but there was still more to come. Zrii President A.K. Khalil, with the enormous energy that he's known for, put the icing on the cake with an excellent training that motivated every single person in the audience, along with announcements of upcoming RSAs, the location of the next Leadership Academy in Cancun, Mexico, the opening of new offices in Latin America, and the development of a brand new Starter Kit. And then to put the cherry on top, CEO Bill Farley joined A.K. Khalil in presenting to executives rank advancement trophies and juicy bonus checks that reached up to $200,000.

Any IE that has attended one of Zrii's Leadership Academies can proclaim without a doubt that after an Academy, your business will never be the same!

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