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Zrii ReLaunch Rocks Orlando

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Anticipation and excitement filled the air as hundreds of joyful executives, customers, and prospects arrived for the Zrii ReLaunch Regional event at the Rosen Plaza Hotel in Orlando, Florida, April 19th - 20th! Read on for all the juicy details:

Friday Evening, April 19th

An animated and inspired crowd packed the room at the ReLaunch Welcome Reception on Friday evening. Attendees could not contain their enthusiasm about the weekend's events and the announcements and initiatives Zrii would be launching. Among others, 10-Star Brad Hager's group was on fire, unable to contain their excitement about the improvements that Zrii is making to sales and marketing tools in 2013! Our lucky attendees were the first to taste samples of the newly reformulated Accell - and we're happy to announce that it received rave reviews! The demand for the new product was so great that we sold out of our supply when we made it available at Saturday's event!

Saturday, April 20th


The main event officially kicked-off with Bill Farley, Zrii Founder and CEO, took the stage and spoke about his vision for Zrii, the gift of health and wealth that Zrii brings to the world, and why he's not been this excited about Zrii since the company's inception in 2008!

Bill surprised and delighted the crowd by announcing a brand new endorsement video from Dr. Deepak Chopra, who wanted to deliver an important message to the IEs there (watch that video by clicking HERE). Dr. Chopra's main message: through Zrii, you can “derive abundance in your life in all its forms: health, wealth and wellbeing!”

Following the video, Bill introduced a very special new member of the Zrii team - someone that will change the future of Zrii. For the next hour, this special guest spoke passionately about why Zrii is the ultimate opportunity and offered a sneak peak at huge improvements that will launch in May and propel the entire company to the forefront of the MLM industry! To meet this new member of the Zrii executive team, tune in to the May 5th ReLaunch Call when Bill Farley will officially introduce him to the entire Zrii community! Jon us May 5th at 7:00pm MT (805) 399-1200 code: 645708#.

That's when the room went crazy! After hearing about the coming changes, there was a rush to sign up, upgrade, and take advantage of special offers made available only to the attendees of this event. Zrii staffers were overwhelmed by new prospects rushing to sign up as IEs, and IEs clamoring to upgrade their personal orders to $500 or $1,000 to take advantage of these tremendous new opportunities!


The post-lunch festivities were kicked off by the executive team, who raffled off tons of fabulous prizes, including free product, business boosting tools, cash, a free subscription to three months of premium back office, and even an iPad mini!

Then it was on to the most fun part of the event: recognition. IES who had rank advanced in March were invited onto the stage to receive their pins, certificates, and crystals. Included in those rank advancements were super-stars:

  • Mona Vaught, who achieved 4-Star within her first month as a Zrii IE!
  • Laci and Erek Gillespie, whose business soared to help them reach 6-Star in March!
  • Angela and Wade Caldwell, who reached the elite status of 7-Star in March, after advancing to 6-star less five months earlier!

Kate MacArthur, Director of Marketing, then delighted the crowd by announcing the new formulation of Accell! Our attendees had tried the product but were wowed by the amazing features and benefits including:

  • NEW energy blend. This all-natural, balanced healthy energy blend gives IEs a foothold in the multi-billion dollar energy market!
  • NEW improved taste and texture. Sweeter, less gritty, and more delicious than ever.
  • NEW slimmer, sleeker packaging. Makes an irresistible first impression and allows you to store and tote everywhere!
  • Natural sample system. Because of the new energy boost, people feel results right away. Simply hand out samples to prospects, and call them the next day to see how they liked the product!

CEO Bill Farley returned to the stage to share some very personal moments from his life, including his 2009 cancer diagnosis. Bill revealed that getting cancer had helped to crystalize his purpose in life: to give each and every person the opportunity to experience the joy of great health and great wealth. Mr. Farley passionately stated that now was the time, and Zrii was the company, to fulfill that mission - and he invited each person in the audience to become his partner in this important journey.

The energy roared again our top IEs took the stage to speak:

  • 10-star Brad Hager revealed huge sales and marketing initiatives that will be launching May 6th
  • MLM veteran and new IE Gerald Rogers spoke about the importance of communicating your passion and knowledge effectively
  • 8-Star Susan Walsh gave an inspiring presentation about the importance of belief
  • Alvaro and Gloria Buitrago spoke passionately about the myriad ways in which Zrii had transformed their lives.
  • MLM veteran and new IE superstar C. Thomas Gambrell talked about what's really important when building a successful business

From deafening cheers, to fist pumps, to standing ovations - we have a feeling that you'll be as excited as this group was about the improvements to come!

VIP Dinner with Bill Farley

This momentous event closed with an exclusive, VIP dinner for top IE and PC enrollers! They had an intimate and celebratory dinner with Zrii CEO Bill Farley over fabulous food and wine at Maggiano's Little Italy. On the menu at this family style meal: a hefty portion of celebration, laughter, mentorship, and inspiration.

Next Stop: Las Vegas

You can't afford to miss the next big event: Zrii's Momentum celebration in Las Vegas in July! Check out all the details - plus learn how you can win free registration and 2 free hotel nights - by clicking HERE.

See you in Vegas!

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